The First ZERO Energy Homes in Australia

A model for sustainable development

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ZERO Electricity Bills

Our homes have ZERO electricity bills

ZERO Energy

Each home offsets 132 trees per annum. Make a difference to our planet

ZERO Noise

Advanced window technologies, extensive high quality insulation throughout

ZERO Blackouts

The primary energy system creates ZERO blackouts

ZERO Fossil Fuels

Recycling, Downcycling and Upcycling – each home site is utilised to its highest best use

ZERO Worries

Charge your electric vehicle in your driveway – at home

ZERO Living - The All Electric House

100% energy independence but connected
to the grid – worry free!

100% sustainable electric energy
generated on site.

A secure and ethical way to
invest in Melbourne

In collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology, ZERO Living has engineered the world’s first series-built inner urban ZERO Energy homes. Clever storage, lofty ceilings, state of the art kitchens, non toxic paint, all natural materials, inner urban garden areas, and inside/outside living. Our ZERO homes are designed for optimum living spaces, that create little nooks and crannies for reading, studying and meditation. A design trend for a modern age, a triumph of form that does not sacrifice function.

Come and join ZERO Living on our journey

Beautiful Light Filled Interiors

Our ZERO homes are built with heart, with a vision beyond just a home – but a new way of living and leaving a legacy for future generations. Make a difference join us on the ZERO Living journey!






Car Space



77 - 88 m²

Total Area

Property Highlights

Say Goodbye to Energy Bills with ZERO Living
Say goodbye to
Electricity Bills

Zero Bills for the life of your home

ZERO Living Carbon Negative
Zero Living homes are 100%
Carbon Negative

Each home is the equivalent carbon offset to 11 trees per month

Get Energy Independence with ZERO Living
Empowered by Energy

Connected to grid but not relying on the grid

A quiet and comfortable home

These beautifully quiet well built homes, are healthy and climate controlled. Turn the heater on for a short time and instantly you are warm and toasty. Equally in Summer turn on the air conditioner and in a very short time you are cool and comfortable, leave it on and you can refrigerate your home. Never experience a black-out or be without power ever again. You are your own micro power station.

Low VOC Porter
Advanced Window
Better Insulated roof
and wall cavities
Engineered Roof designed for Energy Capture
High Efficency
PV Panels
Micro Invertors
Tesla Batteries Installed
in all ZERO Homes

Interior Details

Walking into one of these ZERO homes is like resting on a comfortable lounge suite, you are comfortable, you can snuggle in and rest — the house embraces you in its warmth or coolness. It’s quiet, peaceful and luxurious in its appointments. Feel the embrace of ZERO Living.

Production and
Consumption Monitors
Natural Timber
Stone Bench
Beautiful Ceiling
Heat pump Systems for Heating/Cooling
Beautifully landscaped gardens - greening the surrounds of the home

Hidden Gem of
The West

Albion is a hidden gem, quiet streets with a mix of federation and weatherboard homes and now ZERO homes. Walk around the corner and have a beautiful coffee and breakfast in the celebrated Saddie Black cafe – it’s Brunswick good. A short bike ride or good walk to the supermarkets, shops and cafes to Sunshine Town Centre. A short walk to Albion train station, the train ride is then just 15 minutes to Melbourne Central.

High School
Selwyn Park - soccer ground and cricket.
15 mins to City
via Train
2 Childcare Centres
Sporting Clubs
Primary school a short walk down the street
Cafe in a lovely
cluster of shops


47 Derrimut Street, Albion

Tri Battery Technology

Strategically designed from the roof down, our homes are engineered for sustainable power usage and to save you money for the life of the home. Think of the savings on electricity and petrol throughout the years! The savings with be massive, allowing you to have the freedom to choose other lifestyle options.

How ZERO Living uses Tri Battery Technology

The ZERO energy homes at 47 Derrimut Street, Albion promises to deliver ZERO energy living bills and the comfort you wish for. These homes incorporate the learnings achieved to date from the collaborative ZERO energy building project between Swinburne University of Technology and ZERO Living.

The joint study used three purpose built ZERO energy homes, as a living laboratory where on-site PV energy production, storage and consumption are monitored real-time and analysed. The results demonstrate that achieving a carbon negative energy home and ZERO energy bills is feasible.

These new ZERO energy homes will be monitored real-time remotely by Swinburne University of Technology, during the operation to ensure that it meets a ZERO energy standard. Occupants of these smart homes will be provided with a home driving manual and timely feedback, just like any other type of machinery, to help them get the best out of these homes.

The owners of these smart homes will help to build a sustainable community, as their data will contribute to the future construction of ZERO energy homes.

Dr. Morshed Alam
Department of Civil and Construction Engineering
Swinburne University of Technology

Dr. Hasnat Jamil
Research Associate
Department of Civil and Construction Engineering
Swinburne University of Technology

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In strategic partnership with

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